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Austin Matchmakers has helped Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Lutheran, Anglican, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, and just about every denomination of the Christian faith meet, mingle and find their match during our many decades in business. We are the experts in personal matchmaking in Texas with local offices in Austin to serve you.

Our personal matchmaking team is with you every step of the way down this very spiritual and personal journey. They are available to offer continuous coaching, advice, and guidance to assist you in reaching your relationship goals. Our experienced matchmakers will assess compatibility and hand select quality introductions for you that have been customized to fit your faith and preferences. This ensures you maximize your potential in finding a successful, long term relationship you desire.

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To schedule a free consultation, just fill out our simple questionnaire. We will conduct a one-on-one confidential consultation to get to know you on a personal level and reveal more about the faith based qualities you are looking for in that ideal companion. We are passionate about helping our clients to find the right one, and our methods are proven to be exceedingly successful at assisting them in establishing long lasting and committed relationships with quality Christians. We do not have an online database of pictures and profiles for the whole world to see. Our service is completely private and discreet through the entire process. There are no fake profiles and people pretending to be whatever you're looking for. These are real Christians looking for that like-minded individual with a strong faith and committed relationship.

Take That Leap of Faith

Let Austin Matchmakers help you meet and date like-minded Christian singles that share your interests, principles, beliefs and values. Religious singles choose us because they are tired of dating the wrong individuals who don't pursue the same religious mission in life. This is the blessing you've been looking for. We look forward to helping you meet the Christian of your dreams.


This is my written confirmation that I would like to have my membership put on hold.
What I liked about the service was that it gave me the opportunity to be matched with quality women that I could possibly spend time with and get to know. It is a very difficult thing these days to meet people.

I like the fact that you sort through people and their personalities, increasing the probability that I will meet someone that I will be "compatible" with. I don't really like that word, but I do believe that there is extreme value in like-mindedness where Christianity is concerned. Even though you can't possibly know who I might like or what I am looking for, through my profile and the personality questions that you asked me to answer, it can give you a pretty good idea. Also, even though it might seem like a slow process when I request to be put back in the rotation for another match, I believe this is an extremely good way to work, as it gives us time to process through who we are meeting and the decisions we make concerning each match.

Thank you for being patient with me as I worked through the process, learning along the way. Working with you as a matchmaker, I appreciated your persistence in continuing to try to match me with people that I might like to get to know. Thanks for being patient with me in working with me through my nervousness. At this point, I would say thank you for matching me with Angela. If nothing else, I will have a very close friend.